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Tasha has left the building

8 October
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i play drums and sing, i enjoy being weird and/or unusual. i played in a band called public hostility for a while, and now im in and out of various bands, just playin the punk rock, which is my specialty.

im a vegetrian and like eating healthy. i speak german and am very pale and proud of it. for years i had multicolored hair and just recently went natural black (even though its still tinted blue).

i don't like scenesters, annoying people, rap music (its growing on me though), or people who try too hard. one day i plan to kill all the stupid people in the world... or people whom i just don't like.

i love.... MY 2002 HYUNDAI ACCENT! reading, dad's root beer, fruit juice, dogs, bloodrayne, cheese!, my pink switchblade!, smart people, nerds, kinky stuff, loud music, my stereo <3....

some of my favorite bands are: intro5pect, static-x, fear factory, good riddance, KMFDM, marilyn manson, stabbing westward, the mars volta, nofx, (old) afi, kittie, pantera, bad religion, muse, mad caddies, gravity kills, pennywise, NOFX, techno, lars fredrickson and the bastards, apex twin, keane, most GOA music, journey, the cramps

some favorite movies: monty python and the holy grail! donnie darko, zoolander, house of 1000 corpses, cheerleader ninjas, a mighty wind, elf, anchorman, dodgeball, saw, now for something completely different, fear dot com, dawn of the dead, moulin rouge